21 January 2011

Funeral Card Friday - Martin Welsh

Funeral cards are not always correct.
My great grandfather's card (seen here) had the wrong date for his passing. Someone had gone thru and corrected the date of his death to read August 15, 1933. I have no way anymore of knowing if the funeral home did this upon realizing a printer error or if a family member did so realizing the wrong information was given.

The card itself thou is entrancing. Perhaps I've always liked it because it was handed down to me since I never knew my grandmother's father. Perhaps it is because I have always though black and white has a more classical look. Whatever the reason the card speaks to me. It holds my attention.

While the card mentions nothing of the circumstance of his death, he died after an injury at work. He worked at the iron mill in Phoenixville, PA and one day was hit by one of their trains at work, according to my grandmother who had to identify him. She was the oldest and my great grandmother was evidently not up to theat assumably gruesome task.

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