09 March 2011

DNA Testing

So I asked my husband - very gingerly of course - what he thought of DNA testing from a genealogical point of view. My arguement was that he has - on his mother's side - a tale of a Native American. One of my goals is to either prove or disprove this tale. I was all ready with my arguements and all prepared to go to battle and ... he said yes!

So now I have to figure out if he should get the Paternal Lineage DNA Test ($149 thru Ancestry.com) or the Maternal Lineage DNA Test ($179 thru Ancestry.com).  He could also take the Paternal & Maternal Lineage DNA Test for $328 to $358. The woman in question is told to be his mother's great-grandmother. However all records show her (Lucinda Sharp) to be from New York. My thought is that IF the DNA screen comes back showing any native American-ness than I will continue to work on that theory or family story. If it comes back implying he has no Native American blood than I will feel comfortable dropping that line of research.

Has anyone had DNA testing done?
Was it sucessdul?
How long did it take?
Were the results easy to use?
Was it worth the expense?

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