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14 May 2011

New Paltz (and our Deyoe connection)

How I wish we could get up to New Paltz, NY this weekend!

As part of the  New York State Heritage Weekend, the Huguenot Society in New Paltz does something a little special. Essentially the town kind of goes back in time today as the Huguenot traditions and history is explored.

Today, they are holding a burial tour. I love visiting cemeteries. We go often enough that when I say I need to talk to my Baba (grandmother) they know instantly that we're gonna be at the cemetery for awhile and they should bring a book or something!

Anyway - my husband's DEYOE side comes from New Paltz area. I hope to make it up there this summer to do some hands on research and see the area this branch came from. Christian Deyo - one of the ealry settlers of the community - is a direct lineal ancestor of my husband. His Deyoe line has been difficult at times. His branch either stuck to themselves or were the black sheep (although I have no proof of them doing anything that wrong). They show up on census records but aside from that are quite challenging. Some just disappear all together. Once his grandfather moved to Philadelphia the trail is easier to trace. That still leaves many years and several generations scratching my head!

If you are able to attend this weekend, do enjoy and please share your experiences!

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