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06 July 2011

Happy birthday Dad -- Frank Raymond Eckman

He would have been 82 today -- my husband's father that is. Frank Raymond Eckman.
Dad was born 6 July 1929 in Philadelphia to John Charles and Mabel Florence Eckman. He had numerous jobs during his life including a truck driver but by far the most noteable - perhaps because it was his last or the one he dedicated most of his life to - was law enforcement.

At the time of his passing he was the Chief for the Sadsbury (Lancaster County) Police Department. More to the point - he WAS the police department. It was a one-man PD assisted by ride-alongs and other local one mans. He had accepted that position in 1982. As part of that position, he also served the township as its Emergency Management Coordinator.

Before becoming Chief he served as an officer for both the Colerain and the Little Britain Township PDs. He did that for about five years. He got involved in the departments after moving out from Philadelphia in 1975. However he was no stranger to law enforcement. From 1957 to 1975 he was an officer for the Philadelphia PD. During his tenure there he provided numerous services and held various jobs, including Highway Patrol and their drill team. He also worked with the City's Armory. In 1970 he received the Medal of Valor for his actions after he was shot during a raid.

He was 65 when he passed. He left his wife Dorothy Marie Deyoe (now passed as well), two sons Glenn (my husband) and Frank Jr (passed away in 2010), two daughters Wilma Lee LeMon (passed in 2005) and Eileen Walkling, as well as 12 grandchildren at that time. (We've added two since then).

From left to right: Dad Eckman, Wilma Lee, Eileen, Frank Jr., Mom Eckman, Glenn, me, my Mom, Noreen (my sister) and my Daddy.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

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