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24 May 2012

Thankful Thursday - My Veterans

Thank you to all the veterans - mine and yours - out there. Many of us go about our days assuming we have certain rights, assuming we can bash our political system and our governement without retaliation, assuming that we practice our religion without fear, assuming we will go about life and tomorrow will be pretty much the same. Assuming ... Thank you veterans for making those constitutional rights - which many of us take for granted - possible. Thank you veterans for keeping us as safe as can be in a democratic society, both here and abroad. Thank you veterans for giving of yourselves in the many countless ways you do. Thank you families of veterans for all the crap you put up with so that we might live as we do. Thank you families of veterans for all that you do without so that we might live as we do.

We (my family and my husband's side of the family) have had our share of veterans and have seen some of the residual effects of all that you go through. There are simply too many to mention (that and I don't want to forget anyone!) but thank you all.

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