02 December 2012

ACCM Prompt: Holiday Foods

Today's ACCM Prompt is Holiday Foods. GeneaBloggers ask: Did your family or ancestors serve traditional dishes for the holidays? Was there one dish that was unusual?

Christmas - that is American Christmas - started off at our place with presents and stockings and mom's homemade chocolate chip coffee cake. Everything with mom was homemade when it came to baking and cooking.

Then we would go to Daddy's parents - my Baba and Gigi (Ruczhak). Baba and Gigi had two sons: my dad and my Uncle John. Both of whom have two children. So the 10 of us would open presents and spend some time together. They might be some breakfast like treat there. The real meal there would be served in January at Nativity (Ukrainian Orthodox follow the old calendar and as such our Christmas is 7 January).

We would then travel from Coatesville to Kennett Square to mom's parents. Lunch would be there. I have to admit I do not really recall what my grandmother served. It was a full house there! The four of us joined mom's brother - Uncle Tom - and his family of six there. So with just us all and of course my grandparents that would be 12. Throughout the years though other family members lived with my grandparents: my great grandfather Pierson George Still, my grandfather's brother Jim Still, my grandmother's brother Leo Welsh, their brother Gerald and a few others as well. My gransmother's most memorable holiday treat though came at St Patrick's Day. She was 100% Irish Catholic and went all out for it. It was the one time of the year all of us kids were encouraged by her to have a drink. She would make Grasshoppers for everyone ... because they were green! (Interesting side note - my grandfather was part Irish too except his side was Protestant!).

As I've gotten older the food mattered less. I do regret sometimes not always appreciating the "traditional" Christmas meal at Daddy's parents and I would love to be able to do one here for my kids one day. Guess I need to learn to cook first! Growing up tho everyone told the greatest warmest stories of Christmas dinner and Christmas Eve dinner. Come January I will write of our traditional dinner there. For now, this blog has made me hungry so I am off to find some breakfast!

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