08 December 2012

ACCM Prompt: Christmas Cookies

Today's ACCM prompt from GeneaBloggers is Cookies. Growing up mom always made the cookies while we were in school or later when I was working. On rare occassion she would let me help with the decorations. I was allowed to put the Hershey Kisses in the center of some plain cookie. I was allowed to press the fork in a criss cross pattern of the peanut butter cookie. I was not allowed anywhere near the kitchen when she made the chocolate chip cookies ... probably because I would eat the batter as fast as she made it. Normally cookie making ended in her telling me to get out of her kitchen and let her do it.

My mom never liked anyone in her kitchen ... okay she didn't like ME in her kitchen. I can remember coming home from college during breaks or on the weekends and my sister was always allowed to bake or cook or whatever. Not me. On the rare occasions when I did try something I would mess it up without fail and of course we still all have to endure THOSE stories every so often.

My cooking and baking experiences at home left me not only domestically challenged but not really caring about either very much. My girls on the other hand are incredible in the kitchen. For the past few years the girls have baked cookies for our extended family as their gifts. I stayed out of their way. I shopped and I laid out the cookie trays.

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