10 December 2012

ACCM Prompt: Christmas Gifts

Today's ACCM prompt is Christmas Gifts. GeneaBloggers asks: What were your favorite gifts, both to receive and to give? Are there specific gift-giving traditions among your family or ancestors?
I do not honestly recall any one gift being more or less special than any other gift growing up. There were some that stood out more than others.
One year my parents got us a small plastic toy of a Disney figure. My sister and I opened them and she was all excited. I think she got Donald Duck and I got one of the mice - Mickey I think. I sat there trying to be polite because obviously my parents were excited about this gift. Finally my sister - who is seven years younger than me - screams "Don't you get it? We're going to Disney World!" Oh!
Another year I recall getting one of those old big boombox style radios for Christmas. The only real reason I recall that particular gift is because that was the year our pipes burst on Christmas Day while we were at the grandparents. I remember us coming back and going downstairs to a squishy rug. I got the radio up on a desk down there and sat on the desk while Daddy wet vac'ed the basement and fixed up the dehumidifier.
There were no specific gift giving traditions among the family that I can recall. We always had a real tree and stockings at home.
At Baba & Gigi's (my paternal grandparents) we exchanged presents on American Christmas. I remember the two of them would simply address their presents "To my honey from your honey". Both of them wrote the same thing every year! Every year my dad and my uncle would get a box of alcohol from my Gigi as well.
At my maternal grandparents I simply recall all of us exchanging presents but nothing stands out. There were the four of us, my grandparents of course and my uncle, aunt and four cousins.

It amazes me how perspective changes over the years. The gifts really were not that important. The memories though are very important - especially with my grandparents gone and my parents ailing.

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